I'm Joan, a product designer passionate about creating human-centered experiences that people can use to improve their lives. I build relationships to understand users, contexts, systems, and business goals in order to holistically design innovative products using inclusive design methods to scaffold products with human experiences and expertise.

Wearable, iPhone App Concept

Athlah: Female Fitness 

Combined the academic literature review on PPG sensors (senses heart rate) and my passion for female fitness to create a concept for new wearable, iPhone app combo that enables women to work with their menstrual cycles to see their data not only day by day but at a macro level mapped onto their menstrual cycle.

Coming Soon
Athlah iPhone Product Interface UI UX

Capstone Project

Wildland Fire Coms

Coming Soon

With climate change and the increasing number of people moving to Wildland Urban Interfaces, the need to fight wildfires and the amount of wildfires continues to rise dramatically. This project addresses the deficit in communications in Wildland Firefighting and seeks to improve the use of technology in Wildland Firefighting.

Nonprofit Startup Web App for Seattle Against Slavery

Project Intercept

Seattle Against Slavery is a nonprofit organization that uses technology to help fight sex trafficking in North America. Project Intercept is their application to connect social workers to people in trapped in the sex industry by using bots to crawl escort websites and sending messages offering services. I worked with the team to design version 2.0.

Coming Soon

Music Device, iPad App Concept

Xun Music Box

Empowers kids to initiate connections and conversations when they are apart from their loved ones. Kids can send music box to their grandparents, and then from their iPad send music that they created and voice recordings to their grandparents' music box. The grandparents listen to the music and send voice recordings back.