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Hi, I'm Joan.

I'm a product designer at Uber that is passionate about building relationships and communities to understand users, contexts, systems, and teams to identify opportunities and create innovative products that scale to help people do more.

Background in Visual Design, Front-End Web, MarCom

Located in Seattle, WA

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Note that as of 10/18/21, I've started to share my site and would love your feedback! Pardon the dust!

Case Studies

These projects from 2020 to 2021 before and during the MHCI+D Program at University of Washington.

MHCI+D Capstone Project

E-IAP: Electronic
Incident Action Plan

Streamlining a complex process of coordination for wildland fire incident management teams.

#UX Design #Complex Product #UX Field Research #Leadership #Visioning #Project Management

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MHCI+D Research/Design Project

Athlah: Optimizing Female Fitness

Empowering female athletes to work with their menstrual cycles to maximize their training.

#UX Research #Information Visualization #UI & Visual Design #Femtech #UX Design Proposal

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MHCI+D Prototyping Studio

Xun Music Box

A music box and tablet interface for children to send delightful tunes and messages to their loved ones.

#UX Design #UI & Visual Design #Web-Based Prototyping #UX Research Design and Testing

MHCI+D Interfaces Lab

Flourish eCommerce

An e-commerce website for indoor plant lovers focusing on educating new enthusiasts.

#UI & Visual Design #E-Commerce #Responsive Web

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Seattle Against Slavery

Project Intercept
Campaign Outreach

Innovating mass outreach for social workers to connect safely with victims of sex trafficking.

#UX Design #Startup #Segmenting Outreach Audience #Collaboration #UX Research #v2.0

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